Ever have a morning where you just wanted to stay in bed and not move till Monday? This was one of them. I set my alarm for 6am, it goes off, then I wake up at 8am, right in time for WORK! I figure I shouldn’t have stayed up watching VH1’s Behind the Music and Storytellers for Meat Loaf. Meat Loaf, now that is an interesting guy. For one, he has a superb voice, and other than that damned Rearview Mirror some on Bat Out Of Hell 2, he doesn’t put out songs that suck. He just stuck to what he wanted, and suceeded. Early on in his career tho, after Bat Out Of Hell, he lost his voice because in his own words “he wasn’t a star” and wouldn’t accept that he was….Because he didn’t want to be. There is a lot more to, but that is what he summed it up to be. Plus, if all you remember is that REALLY fat and sweaty guy from the “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” video, he’s lost pretty much all the weight, and looks damn good for 50. One thing I’d like to know…and I’m sure that one of you can help me out here, what is Meat Loaf’s real name?

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