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Rented Blade and um…The Wedding Singer the other night. Blade was disgustingly beautiful. Nothing I have seen yet surpasses the special effects used in that film, I suggest if you haven’t seen it and you love action flicks, you WILL love this one. Wesley Snipes plays Blade, the child of a woman who was attacked by a vampire shortly before his birth. So now he’s half human/half vampire, leaving him all their strengths and none of the weaknesses. It starts out as a simple “kill all the vampires” movie and ends up an extravagant “kill all the vampires” movie. Interestingly enough, it is similar to the classic Lost Boys in that all the Vampires were taken down by one of their own. As for the Wedding Singer, oi. It is a funny movie, but by the end I was so sick of the predictability of it and most of all, his hair style. It was bad enough that I had to see a Miami Vice clone driving a DeLorean, but thankfully most of the humor made up for it. I still can’t stand Drew Barrymore, she shoulda quit when she was a kid.
TWS is more normal humor, whereas Baseketball had the raw humor that made me laugh hysterically. I wouldn’t recommend that you do or do not see TWS… I didn’t care for it.

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