I went on a spree of renting movies this past week. I saw Baseketball, Deep Impact, Dark City, Wild Things, and Godzilla. More proof that the critics are never right, all those movies were excellent.

Starting with Baseketball, it is a laugh a minute in the raw humor I love. Especially the Steve Perry psychouts…(See, I find that funny, so it was worth it). So what did BB have going for it, raw humor, gorgeous women, and an interesting plot. Basically, in the latter part of this century, sports teams become nothing more than billboards for their sponsor companies, and as a result players and teams move from city to city, and fans lose interest. So these two guys (the South Park guys) are trying to find a way to win a driveway basketball game without having to fork over $50 when they lose. So they cross Baseball with Basketball and make the psychout an intrinsic aspect of the game…the rest is history.

Deep Impact was also an excellent movie. It did have a slow spot after the mission to destroy the asteroid failed. But before it and after it, there was a LOT more detail given to the plot and the individuals behind it. If anything, it was more of a drama with a few traces of action movie in it. Everybody went into the theaters expecting an action movie, and that is why they were dissappointed. Armageddon was an action movie with a few specks of Drama, if anything the exact OPPOSITE of Deep Impact. So in my mind, DI was just as good. The toher interesting thing about DI is that they actually explore the possibility of surviving an E.L.E (Extinction Level Event), whereas in Armageddon they either blow up the asteroid or we’re all fubar. Despite the slow spots, I liked Deep Impact a bit more.

Dark City, don’t go into it expecting to see another Crow, because you will not. It was also a good movie, extremely dark and it kept me wondering until the end when you saw what the city REALLY was. If you’re not into dark flics, this one isn’t for you…But if you enjoy movies like the Crow, with that eerie mood to them, check it out.

Wild Things. See this. See this now. There are so many twists and turns in the movie, everything you expect to happen does NOT, in fact the opposite happens. With Neve Campbell and the other one, from Starship Troopers, arough! arough! arough! That was the main reason I got the movie, but in the end it was a LOT better than I expected. Matt Dillon plays a teacher accused of rape by 2 female students…that leads to a chain of events nobody could expect. Check it out.

Godzilla. Anybody who thinks this sucked, piss off. I loved it. With the idea of a Komodo Dragon growing to monsterous proportions as a result of nuclear induced mutation…going into a city, they did a damn good job. The entire story of Godzilla is that the nuclear fallout from Atomic Bomb tests mutated a Komodo Dragon, which eventually wrought vengeance on coastal cities. They pulled it off in this movie superbly. I would personally like to fire every critic who panned this movie. See, the problem with movie critics are, they go into a film with certain expectations, and if God forbid those expectations are not met, they say the movie stinks! In actuallity if any NORMAL person like you or I go to see it, without expectations, and suspending our disbelief as ANYBODY does, we enjoy the movie! I’m really sick of movies living or dying on the recommendation of Siskel and Ebert. I think they should both get locked into one of the dummy cars at a monster truck rally. My advice is as always, go see the movie, judge it for yourself…Ignore the “critics”…if they ever had to justify their existence, they’d be out of work.

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