LACC Can Kiss My Ass

In my line of work I’m constantly looking for the best price on hardware and software. To that end, one of my greatest assets has been a site called “” The way it works is, companies pay to be listed on Pricegrabber, you can search the site and get multiple listings for various products. For the most part, I try to go with companies that I either recognize or have used before when ordering parts, hardware, software, etc… Occasionally I’ll give a company a shot if the reviews aren’t that bad (every company gets a bad review sooner or later). Well I doubt I’ll be doing that again any time soon. I was updating some servers here, and part of the process involved updating the hard disks from 18gb to 73gb SCSI drives. The parts are pretty hard to come by for a reasonable price, but a company called LA Computer Center had them listed for $347 a pop. I ordered 4 back on February 22nd. The drives came in 3 different shipments, and when I had received all of them on March 2nd, I realized one of them was the wrong model. Instead of a U160 drive, they sent me the faster and more expensive U320 model. It wouldn’t work in the server, so on March 4th I requested an RMA (authorization to send the part back for the correct model. On March 16th they finally got around to responding to my RMA request. FedEx shows the part as being received on March 22nd. LACC then emails me on the 23rd saying I sent them the wrong part. Mind you, the 3 correct U160 drives were sitting on my desk. After finally drilling into their little pea brains that the drive I sent was the right one, they promised to send me the right one. It’s now April 19th, I’ve emailed them at least a half dozen times and have gotten no response. Every time I call I end up in the endless loop menu system (pick customer service, end up being prompted to make a selection 2 minutes later) or I get some Hispanic woman who first tells me that their single solitary Customer Service rep is on the line. I’ve sat on hold for a half hour twice trying to get this woman on the line. On 3 occasions I’ve been promised a callback, and have never gotten one. At this point, I’m so aggravated I just want the drive or the money back, either or will satisfy me. So I send them one final email where I reference everything, and end it with a direct threat to call the Attorney General of both California and New York to get this resolved. Not only did I email them, I also faxed them. So around 1pm I call them. Again, their CS rep is on another line. I’m giving her an hour to call me back. If she doesn’t, boy o boy there’s going to be Hell to pay. So heed my warning folks, if you ever have the opportunity to buy something from the LA Computer Center – Save yourself the trouble and don’t.

*UPDATE* After my tirade towards them, they shipped me back the samed fucking drive I sent them. Kicker is, I decided to remove the drive from the hot-swap enclosure, and sure enough it is a U160 drive. If these fucking nitwits had bothered to install it into the correct enclosure, this whole mess could have been avoided. Once again folks, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME.

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