Weekend in Review

Normally I get plenty of sleep and have a good time when I go out on the weekends.

Normally, an extra hour of partying due to the time change is a good thing.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that.

Friday went well, if you consider me crawling into bed mildly incoherent – well. I had a blast at a private party where I lost 5 rounds in a row of beer pong and kept screaming REMATCH after each loss. I can’t stand Bud Light, but damn if that doesn’t get ya drunk fast I don’t know what will. Probably didn’t help that I had come straight from the gym with an empty stomach… OOPS.

Started out the festivities on Saturday with dinner at Harpoon Bay in Warwick. Excellent as always albeit a little light on the linguine this time around. I usually go there a minimum of twice a month, great restaurant, great prices, and outstanding food. I happily recommend ANYTHING on their menu. Saturday evening held the main event, as a friend an I had planned on tag-teaming the club as James Dean & Natalie Wood from Rebel Without a Cause. My costume worked out great, just about nailing the movie-poster dead on. I’ve got pictures on the way, don’t worry. You could hardly tell that I was taller, stronger, and more brunette than Dean, but I had the outfit right.

Now you know those old Woody Woodpecker cartoons where the stiff white guy walks onto the screen and says “And now if Woody had just called the Police, none of this would have happened.” Well, i won’t go as far as needing to call the police, but I probably should have just taken off after the first hour. I ended up napping in my car for an hour and a half, then coming back to some drunken old fart harassing a friend – and me nearly getting in a fistfight over it. Tons of fun. Good to know my whole size and intimidation factor works tho. Tell a guy “Don’t” while looking him in the eye, and he walks off cursing me.

Woulda been damned entertaining if he actually had tried to hit me. He was maybe a foot taller, but about 25-30 years older than me and cocked. I was still sober as my reaction to a Jack & Coke early on in the evening said I should not partake of the spirits that night. Damned Beer Pong… it would’ve ended quick. Who knows, maybe with blue eyes I’d be able to pull off the intimidation factor better.

Can’t seem to go there without nearly ending up in a fight these days.

So I end up leaving the club around 4 to bring my friends home, leaving their house around 5. I haven’t driven that tired in ages. What kept me awake more than anything were the down limbs along the back roads of West Milford. Almost got pulled over when I swerved into the oncoming lane to dodge a limb, but thankfully the oncoming trooper (a half mile ahead) saw the limb and didn’t come after me. That, and at one point I had cocked my head straight back and the guy behind me honked a few times… thank you, sir! I haven’t fallen asleep while driving since I was young and stupid-er, didn’t think I was going to have a problem on Sunday morning, but I think I’ll just pitch a tent next time and get a few Zzz.

Sunday, Jimmie came in 2nd at Atlanta, and is now in 2nd place in the standings. Go 48! Wouldn’t mind smacking Carl Edwards in the back of the head though, had he not held up the 48 I’m convinced he could have overtaken Tony Stewart. Still, congrats to Tony, part of me still likes to see a fellow chubby guy win.

Last but not least, I’m halfway to having enough Gold for my Epic Mount in World of Warcraft. Farming in Un`Goro Crater yields me at least 50 gold for under two hours of farming my herbalism. I’m pondering a switch to Mining from Skinning, but it looks like the top level ore brings in about the same as top level skins…


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