Well that doesn’t make sense..

On my way into the office this morning… There’s a green Chevy Suburban tailgating the hell out of a red Ford Freestar. We get to the 35mph zone, and as I’m slowly catching up, I get about 3 carlengths behind the Suburban, it pulls out across the double-yellow and passes the minivan. Thing that suprised me, is that the inconsiderate, tailgating, unsafe lane changing, asshole SUV driver used their turn signal when returning to the right lane.

So? That’s like trying to outrun the Police but stopping for a stop sign. You already broke the law, using your turn signal at this point is just ludicrous.

Minivan was only doing 35-40mph in a 35mph zone… what a nightmare. It would figure that on a morning where I’d expect to see a Goshen PD cruiser anxiously waiting for a speeder… nothing. I tell ya, if they want to put a dent in speeding and aggressive driving on this road, they need to watch the 40 and the 35 zone, and send an occasional patrol down the 55 zone.

Between the nitwit in the Suburban and that Jersey girl in the green Cougar who’s in a rush to go nowhere, I’m starting to remember why I slept in so often. I’d rather deal with a school bus.

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