Letter to The Editor

Sent this to the Warwick Advertiser this morning:

I don’t know about you, but when it comes time to vote I prefer to vote for the folks who put up the least number of road-side advertisements. It’s partially because I enjoy my chaos theory with a side of wealthy politicians forced to waste money on failing campaigns. How these signs stick around in a town where you can be fined for placing a garage sale sign without a permit evades common sense. The main reason behind my own litmus test for a worthy politician (oxymoron aside) is that once Election Day has come and gone I still see those campaign signs dotting the landscape. Now whether you’ve won, lost, or are in the middle of another taxpayer subsidized recount; when Election Day has come and gone please clean up after your candidate. It doesn’t say much about environmental stance by leaving the countryside littered with low-buck marketing.

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