The flyby…

Was the recipient of a genuine Honda Flyby this morning… haven’t gotten one in years. Pull out of my driveway, and there’s an orange Civic on my rear bumper. We get to the start of the 55 zone, and at 45mph in 2nd, I get on it. I shut down near the end of the straight only to see the Civic baring down on me. So he pulls in front.

Wow. You’re fast. I’m impressed. All bow down to the orange Civic.

Next straight, I’m 3rd in line, room to pass, he pussies out, so I get on it (real cars have a funny thing called torque, it lets you pass other vehicles without needing a half mile of open road to pick up speed). I pass the Civic, pass the minivan, and keep going… never to be seen again.

I hadn’t had a flyby in so long, I’d assumed they became out of style. Still serves no point. I’m in a turbo, you’re in a commuter with a passenger.

FYI: a Honda Flyby is when a driver in a faster car has blown the doors off a generally stock Honda… the Honda driver will wait for the opportunity to get a running start and fly-by the faster car. Can’t beat momentum.

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