From 0 to Aggravated in 10 minutes flat.

So I head in to work today… I’m doing 55mph and catching up to 3 Jersey drivers. Great, people who don’t know how to drive in the rain. First passing zone is a wash. Second passing zone is a wash (oncoming traffic in both instances). Third passing zone and the guy in a SAAB goes for it, that’s fine and dandy, but he creeps past the front car and pulls back in, not even at 55mph. I get past him, now in front, doing 55-60mph, and this old guy in a fucking 5th Avenue pulls out with MAYBE 20 feet to spare. He’d been sitting on the shoulder for the entire duration of the cars passing each other, but waits until we are ON TOP OF HIM to pull across the oncoming lane and out in front. Even with my ABS chirping away I almost rear-ended the guy. I get past him, salute him, and continue on my way aggravated as FUCK. The real gem of this story? He pulls off from where he pulled in a mere 100 feet further down the road. He couldn’t have waited a moment to let the traffic by. Bastard didn’t even use his turn signal.

Just to make it clear, now had the guy been pulling off with maybe 100 feet to spare, I would have seen it and been able to slow down without nearly smashing into him. It was a case of him pulling out across the oncoming lane with no turn signal, easily 20 feet to spare and I had no-where to go. I couldn’t punch it and pass him on the right because he cut across at such an angle, and there was an oncoming minivan which he also cut off, so I couldn’t punch it and pass him on the left. A lesser driver would’ve had an accident.

THIS is the problem with elderly drivers, call me an ageist, I don’t care. I’m sick of constantly having near misses at the expense of someone who CLEARLY SHOULD NOT BE DRIVING. I’m sure there are plenty of seniors who still have all their skills, reflexes, and abilities behind the wheel at a level which allows them to continue to drive safely… Sadly though there are enough out there, especially in the area I live who should only be near a motor vehicle as a passenger or a cadaver – not the driver.

Now, could I have just stayed behind the other cars? Sure. Could I have not passed the SAAB as well? Sure. Would the guy still have pulled out regardless of who was coming – absolutely. I’ve got more faith in my skills and my vehicle than anyone else on the road around me… As it is my new car with new tires and new brakes nearly smashed into the moron.

At least Mermaid was nice enough to drive normal this morning. Sup dude. 🙂

I could still stand to be a little more patient while driving, I know this. Just the same, it doesn’t matter what speed you’re driving, there are always inattentive assholes who will wreck your day and in all liklihood – never understand why.

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