Selective Acceleration…

Selective Acceleration, the technical term for jerks with performance cars who only drive fast when it means someone may pass them. Case in point, this morning I am heading towards Goshen, and at the end of the last passing zone on my road I rapidly catch up to a Mercedes Benz E320 AWD… Now I’m only doing about 60, and the guy stayed a fair jump ahead until the passing zone ended. So now I’m stuck behind this thing as he’s only doing 40mph… through the remainder of Pine Island and into Goshen. Now it’s a 35mph zone in Goshen, and as this idiot is doing 40mph I can safely say that the safety argument is moot. So we get to 17A and the guy doesn’t even stop or slow down, he rolls out onto 17A past the stop-sign like it’s not even there and gets on the gas. WTF? I pull out, my front tires fighting with the traction control to get me going, and this asshole takes off like he’s Mario freaking Andretti. So I catch a passing zone and I do what any other red blooded American would do – punch it and pass him. Mind you, when he thought there was no way I could pass him, he slowed right back down to 40mph.

Course, he found his accelerator REAL FAST once I got ahead of him… jerk.

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