I hurt my back playing video games…

Holy crap… Leave it to me, mister weightlifter extraordinaire to hurt himself playing a video game. No, this wasn’t some Wii or PS3 game where I’m tossing the controller around, this was Test Drive Unlimited on the Xbox 360. There’s this race called the “Millionaire’s Race” where you lap the entire Hawaiian Island you’re on. It’s 124 miles, and if you complete the race in 60 minutes or less, you get $1,000,000. So I try it, in my brand new Enzo it took 63 minutes and at the end of the race I’ve got this knot between my shoulders that hurts so bad I can’t inhale 100%. Mind you, I sat slouched for an hour straight, tensed up.

I did the math, driving full out foot to the floor for the entire race kept my average speed at 118mph. That’s pretty embarrassing considering how often I managed to do 200mph+ without a problem… all the accidents and traffic stops added up real fast. If I can keep my average speed above 124mph I’ll win the race. I figure if I can keep my average speed around 135mph I will clear the finish line with about 5 minutes to spare. Sure there will be opportunities to drive stupidly fast, but I won’t put so much effort into top speed next time around… just making it around the island with as few accidents and stops as possible.

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