George Bush Broke My Car!

So I’m sitting in my car at the end of a runway in a desert area, I’m outside the airport on a side-road, and can see planes landing in front of me. Some Saudi Prince is supposed to be landing today to meet with the President. I’m wondering why I am at this runway, how the Secret Service hasn’t shooed me off yet.

Flash forward, and there’s a bunch of people around me, I can see they’re Secret Service agents. I realize where I am again and ask if I should move my car away, the agent tells me ‘no’ and that (the President) wants to ‘shake my hand.’

So I’m in my car as the big armored Presidential limo rolls up beside my little VW, the window rolls down and there’s George, Jenna, and Laura. I say a few kind words to him, shake his hand, he thanks me, and then they start to drive off.

As they pull around my car, they hit the front driver’s side and crush it. It’s an armored limo and I’m in a Volkswagen, what else would happen. So George realizes whats happening and tells the Secret Service agent to take care of me.

The blond haired and black sunglassed agent tells me that I likely won’t be paid for the damages, and hands me an accident report.

Flash forward, I’m home and wondering if my rental coverage is active on the VW’s insurance policy… remembering how much of a pain it was to bum rides the last time it was getting fixed.

So I wake up at the end of the dream and say “George Bush Broke My Car” and I pass out again. WTF?

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