Electronic Hygene

In my career, I always get requests to tidy up a home system, restore it to function, etc… Most cases the cause is a user who doesn’t quite know how to keep things up to date while not downloading the entire Intarweb to their system. Most of the time when I get these systems to work on, they’re rather tidy. Sure, they have a few signs of wear – most home systems do… But then again I get some that look as if they were dunked in a toilet tank, dried, and then coated with the squishy contents of the bowl – then dried again. In short – they are some funky systems.

So I ask, why? I’ve been to many places, seen many electronics setups, but by far I think besides the ferret-coated laptop I had to refurbish a few years back – this little tower system I need to work on now is the filthiest thing I’ve seen. Entertaining considering the owner has the personality of Mila Kunis’s Jackie from That 70’s Show.


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