Letter to The Editor

That time again, for a new letter to the editor. Short, sweet, and to the point…

With the growth of our community in my lifetime and what we pay in school taxes, how did we forget about the library?

Over the years, we’ve heard calls for a new building repeatedly muffled by the same objectors who vanish every time a new housing development goes up. While everyone wants to live here, it seems nobody wanted to look at the bill let alone foot it.

With each tax hike, every pay raise, every new diesel powered banana split, our library grows smaller. If we could fit as many taxpayers into our library as we can into our buses or administrative offices, this point would be moot.

For once lets tell the district what to spend our money on, I’ve about had it with the alternative. Sure we’ve got some spiffy campuses and buses, but when our kids go to college and don’t know what a library is…

Simple fact is we’ve dumped millions into schools, ignored the library all along, and then use the fact it is small and unpopular as an excuse not to expand it! The district has always had a problem with spending taxpayer cash on the wrong things, from pay raises for worthless layers of administration – shitty teachers tied to our district by tenure, and an obscene number of school buses with new additions each year. Every school has been expanded, new schools have been built, and all along people have shat on the local library every time expansion is mentioned. Sure, build me a new house, destroy another plot of open space – just don’t give my kids a place to learn when the school’s aren’t an option. Fuck that.

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