Return to mediocrity.

Last year when I caught the auditions for American Idol, and saw Chris Daughtry sing, it peaked my interest enough to watch the show and see what unfolded.

Each week, Chris raised and set the bar. The expression “oh fuck” was clear on the face of every competitor every time he sang.

When he was voted off, the bar was lowered to Kelly Clarkson levels.

When Taylor Hicks won the competition, the bar became a speed bump.

I gave this season a shot. The auditions were painfully entertaining, and one thing was clear – not a single singer stood out. Everyone was a different version of Taylor Hicks, offering renditions of pop hits that would make a Karaoke bar wince. Anything unique, anything which strayed from mediocrity was voted off – even in the name of absolutely horrid vocals that would make Tom Araya sound like an angel.

If after last season there was any question that the show is rigged, it is beyond any semblance of doubt now. God help the poor souls dumb enough to keep watching.

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