How about we try this…

It seems to be the pattern in the middle east, that when not under the control of a murderous dictator – the people will fight amongst themselves until a new tyrant rises. Can Democracy work? Sure, I firmly believe it can. However the road to Democracy will be long, hard, and paved with blood. That, and it freedom can’t be handed to a people, it must be taken. Something given has no value. Sure, Iraq is free of Hussein, but if Iraq had wanted to be free, they would have hung him themselves.

If a nation harbors terrorists, or supports them, or simply does nothing about them – just take out the leader. If they threaten the US, if they rattle a saber, if they so much as send us an errant look… Send in special forces, help the leader(s) achieve room temperature, and get back out. Without the tyrant in charge, the people will fight amongst themselves for control. In the end the population will be drastically reduced, the people will be either free or under the thumb of a new tyranny, and they will all remember that if they fuck with America – we won’t have to attack them. They’ll destroy themselves for us.

Eventually they’ll be so busy trying to stop the fighting themselves that we, and our support for Israel are no longer a concern, or they’ll be dead. Either way, we win, we’re safe, and we can go back to reporting on the half-life of Anna Nicole’s implants instead of more dead heroes in the sands of Iraq.

Stronger than any religious fervor, or any suicidal faith – is the willingness of the human spirit to survive. Terror won’t work on those who are numb to it. Give them all something to fight that doesn’t involve us.

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