Feels good to finally get out…

So for nearly 2 months I’ve been limited to staying local due to the viral assault on my joints… As I’m heading towards the end of this mess, and feeling fairly well for the most part I decided to go out for a bit last night down to QXT’s in Newark, NJ. Had a great time… drank, danced, caught up with some friends I hadn’t seen in ages. The most surprising thing was at least a dozen regulars asking where I’ve been. Total strangers asking where I’ve been when people I’ve known for a decade forget I exist… that’s damned entertaining.

The drive down was a nightmare in training, as every single police unit possible was out and about. With the average speed of traffic being around 70mph I had a few close calls and was convinced that I’d be pulled over. I ended up with some jackass in a new Mustang behind me, he keeps pulling up close and backing off. I’m in the passing lane with a Jeep in front of me, and a local police cruiser in front of him. We’re not going anywhere, but being the typical small-minded, small-penis’d Mustang owner he was clueless.

We all get to a traffic light on 23, and when it turns green the Mustang loudly revs its engine a few times, I respond by twirling my finger in the air ‘so what?’ Well that transgression was too great, so he slams into the middle lane, cutting off another car and punches it in a wild display of testosterone and horsepower.

Remember the reason I was driving slow? Yeah, he was stopped about 10 seconds after he slammed on the brakes.

So clear of the cop, the Jeep takes off and so do I. In the middle of laughing at the Mustang driver I see the cherries in the rearview. 70 in a 50. No ticket though. Somehow explaining that I’m a computer tech trying to get to a bank where the servers have failed gets me on my way every time. Yea, I lied. Alls fair in love and traffic stops.

I forgot how many pricks there were between NY and Newark tho, as I keep running into people who have to be in front. It also reinforced my truth that for every good VW driver there is some prick who is still pissed they bought the base model and have to prove it. I’m on 21 heading out of town and zipping up the left lane when I pass some dink in a Mark IV Golf 4 door with a fart tip. I hear the roar of a hundred angry wasps as the douchebag breaks into the right lane to try and get ahead of me. I’m not paying attention much until I pass the traffic and go to pull into the center lane – where the idiot is and nearly hits me. Mind you, HE TAKES THE NEXT EXIT. What’s the point? I could have gotten on the gas and become a tiny pair of red dots in the distance in no time. They should just ban economy cars and base models. Worse part was he never looked over to see me flipping him off.

Anyhow, I called it an early night, got home around 1am. It felt great to be out. Nothing makes free time feel greater than being trapped inside an apartment and an office for 2 months straight.

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