Here’s a concept for the automotive companies…

So apparently GM and VW have pulled ads for their cars which add a comical spin to suicide. Of course, the token interest groups jumped up in offense at the sight of a ROBOT jumping off a bridge… or a man reconsidering his decision when he realizes that there are 3 VW’s available for under $17,000.

Now I’m all about dark humor. Could someone be offended by it? Sure, but they’d be a minority. How do I know? Cos the only people who actually could be offended by such advertisements are either already dead or still depressed at failing suicide.

GM purges suicidal robot ad…

I thought the ads were funny. I can’t blame fast reflexes by the automotive industry as they’re generally in trouble, but the old ways are no longer working and the old ads are no longer working. They’ve realized that to get people in the dealerships they need to incite thought and interest in non-traditional ways.

Personally, I think a great advertisement would be the owner of an SUV going to the gas station to fill up with $3 gasoline, and then driving it off a bridge to spare themselves from the giant sucking sound of money leaving their wallets because of those little inconvenient truths.

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