So Walter Reed Hospital is a DUMP… They’re suprised?

I am astonished that all the politicians have the absolute gaul to pretend like they did not know how our VA patients were treated. With Walter Reed long heralded as the gem of the system, now looking like nothing more than a shard of broken green glass from a bar fight… I really hope they wake the fuck up and see that the ENTIRE SYSTEM IS A DISGRACE.

These folks risk everything to protect us despite never-ending criticism that would make the complaints against any Police Department pale in comparison. When crime goes up in a community, Police will increase patrols, add more officers. When violence goes up in a country, our bastard politicians talk about de-funding the war.

Then our brave veterans return home for treatment and get a half-assed job that could be easily surpassed by any free-clinic in the city of Camden, NJ.

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