Gamefly – Thud

So the Saturday before Presidents Day, Gamefly was supposed to have shipped me the game Gears of War – 2/17/2007 to be exact. After it hadn’t arrived last Saturday, I waited until Monday to report it as ‘lost.’ To GF’s credit, they immediately shipped me another copy and recommended I file a report with the postal service, which I did. The second copy shipped on 3/1/2007.

Yesterday, 3/5/2007, BOTH copies arrived at my rural box. The packages didn’t appear damaged, one was slightly folded which leads me to believe that it may have wound up at the bottom of some mail-truck’s bin, or one at the local office that was only noticed when the 2nd game came in. The packaging hadn’t been opened at all, but on the up side GF shipped me a brand new copy of GoW so if I plan on clicking “Keep It” I’ve got my own brand new virgin copy for $20 less than everyone else pays at the store.

I didn’t want to think that someone had made off with the game, and I’m glad I eventually did get it, but still I would like to know what the hell could have caused a delay of 10 business days in the shipping when most times I get the game in 3 or 4 business days.

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