What’s the point of fighting…

With gasoline prices headed back to $3 for the summer driving season (tell me that isn’t opportunistic crap), an enterprising individual has been running his 1986 VW Golf on recycled vegetable oil for the past 7 years. As his reward for minimizing his dependence on foreign oil, assholes from the IRS showed up with a $2500 bill due to his use of untaxed biodiesel.

This country is so fucked. We need to lessen our dependence on foreign energy sources – fact. Environmentalists will not allow our meathead politicians pass legislation allowing us to tap more domestic sources – fact. Efficient and mass produced alternative energy sources and vehicles are still years away – and not nearly affordable for the average American – fact. Sure, there are hybrids, but I don’t want a Prius, a Civic, or an Escape. I like my VW, as does the subject of this post – so I can understand the dedication.

Yet if we take the first step on our own and make use of a resource that would otherwise be discarded, the Government in its infinite wisdom punishes us. Our nation for decades has been a shining example of how to squash innovation and growth, this sort of crap is nothing new. I still find it funny that they find new ways to amaze me every day.

Illinois Man Fined Thousands And Threatened With Felony Prosecution For Using Untaxed Biodiesel

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