More elitist crap from the depraved minority.

So NJ is looking to ban weapons that are 50 caliber and are not single-shot muzzle-loaders. Current owners of 50 caliber weapons will be allowed to keep them, but for the sake of humanity the Government is here once again to protect us from ourselves.

What a crock of shit. Who cares if insurgents in Iraq use 50 cals? I highly doubt they bought their guns in a gun shop. Of course, the same arguments are made every time the government successfully reinforces its stance on the 2nd amendment by limiting the freedoms of every law abiding American citizen.

Common sense is replaced by mass hysteria and fear. So continues the downward spiral of the once great USA.

N.J. to Consider .50-Caliber Gun Ban

It’s only a matter of time until they ban plastic pellet guns, cos you know – you could shoot someone’s eye out.

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