Grow a Goddamned backbone already…

Ann Coulter has an opinion outlining the apparent double-standard when it comes to law enforcement and politicians, spurred on by the idiotic conviction of Scooter Libby. Now all things considered, Libby deserved the conviction. After all, we had a dim witted prosecutor on the taxpayer dime who after making broad claims realized that there was no crime committed. The only way to redeem the political process and serve justice was to spend an obscene amount of time convicting a man that even the jurors want pardoned.

Now I had thought the idea of pardoning Libby was bad, I felt that it would be better to appeal and win – clearing his name and making Fitzgerald look like even more of an idiot. Now I agree with most people that Libby should be pardoned. Pardoning Libby would stick it to the Democrats, and I don’t think Bush should stop there. I think he should go on a wave of pardoning every single target of a one-sided Democrat run investigation. They already hate Bush, his approval ratings are in the shitter and he’s not running for re-election. Lets have some fun for God’s sake and really drive the Leftists up a wall. Besides, it’s not like he’s pardoning FALN terrorists or anything.


Liberals are idiots and Republicans are cowards, our political leaders are too busy fighting each other to give a damn about the people who elected them; the people are too busy fighting each other to realize they’re being duped.

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