Common SensiCare – my solution for Socialized Medicine.

Socialized medicine doesn’t work. Sure, Canada may have some really spiffy hospitals – with lines of patiently waiting Quebeqois eagerly anticipating a bandage after the wound has long since clotted and healed. America’s healthcare system – despite its cost – is a shining example of how it SHOULD be. That said, any time a politician (ie Hillary Clinton) gets near power they start rattling off about the wonders of Socialist medicine. Political idealogies aside, has greater government involvement in any facet of our society actually done something to protect and promote Life, Liberty, and Property (beyond their own)?

Here’s my solution. First, tax incentives for the insurance carriers who agree to provide free or low-cost coverage to Americans who have a verified annual income below X number of dollars per year. Cut the rate of taxation on these corporations, or outright eliminate them. Second, tax incentives for the individuals who can only afford this special brand of health care. There will be NO government intervention in this process beyond the steps required to cut or eliminate the taxes leveed on the common citizen and the corporations that support them.

Tax dollars won’t pay for it, and with every American able to access quality health-care, productivity will increase, the economy will take off like a rocket, and we’ll end up with another dickhead politician to fuck it up once everything is said and done.

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