The Tax Man Cometh…

So last night I sat down in front of the computer and took care of my taxes.

Every year I pay more. Most times when a tax cut comes along, I either get a new job that puts me into a higher bracket or the democratically elected mules in the State Senate up the taxes here in New York to compensate.

Last night for the first time since I began paying taxes, I wondered what sort of refund I would get at the end of the year. I won’t discuss what I make, but I will say that my total tax bill – State and Federal – literally cost me half of my shiny 2005 Volkswagen GTI’s sticker price.

Now I have my W2’s configured so that they take the least amount of money from my paycheck every month, and at the end of every year I owe a little. This year, like last, I had to pay a few hundred dollars to settle my tab with the Fed. At least 10 years ago I adopted the mantra that I do not want the Federal Government to hold a large amount of my money – without paying interest – just so every year I get to look forward to the return of my hard earned money.

I still can’t believe the amount I pay, it is unacceptable. Every year I hear some politicians praise tax cuts – something I agree with – while others claim we (the Government) cannot afford tax cuts and I ask WHY!? If I walked into my neighbors home and stole enough money to pay off half of my car – I would go to jail for longer than a rapist or a murderer. However, if the Government takes that money it is AOK. Bullshit.

For my life, I have lived by the words “Do not take what is not offered.” I never offered the Government my money, and “No taxation without representation” is a copout. If anyone actually represented me in Government I wouldn’t be paying these damned taxes.

So another year, another chunk of change that’d make a politician blush, all so I can watch the never-ending soap opera that is the battle between Socialism and Conservatism on a grand scale. Frankly folks, if I had the option I’d choose a different provider. I hear Dish Network has some good pricing…

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