Helloooooooooo Spring!

Decided to ring in the new season’s beautiful sunshine and 80 degree temperatures with a trip down to Bushkill, PA’s “Bushkill Falls.” It could not have been a more beautiful day – maybe a little greener – but I’ll give it another week or so. I’d never heard of Bushkill before a friend recommended it a few weeks back. After paying the $9 admittance fee, we had the choice of 3 paths – a 15 minute path, a 45 minute path, and a 2.5 hour path. Yes, I was lazy and took the 45 minute path, but as the photos below show – there was no lack of just plain breathtaking views of nature.

I figure next month I’ll make another run down and try out the 2.5 hour path for ‘serious hikers’ as the sign explained. Anyone interested in coming along? Check out The Niagara of Pennsylvania in the mean time, and enjoy the photos I’ve shared below.


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