Really…kinda stupid.

On my way back from Bushkill Falls today, I stopped at a small flea market off of Route 206 in NJ and besides an antique Polaroid camera… I also picked up a handgun. Not a full blown ‘bang, you’re dead’ handgun that I’d need a waiting list and a bunch of people to vouch for my sanity handgun… This one is made of plastic and referred to as an “airsoft” gun. It fires 6mm plastic BB’s with a spring.

Now the stupid part of this – is that it LOOKS just like a real gun. CYMA P-698 shows the exact one I picked up for $5 at the flea market. Well, minus the florescent orange which is apparently a legal requirement. Also at the market were replicas of 1911’s, MP-40’s, and so on. The selection was huge, and if a little kid got a hold of one we could only imagine the result with the current state of affairs in this country.

Should they ban this sort of thing? I can’t say. As easy as it was to obtain one without the paint on the barrel, anybody could simply paint a real Glock pink and get the same result. It’s not a toy – despite the marketing and price. This gun can probably only kill the owner – and that’s only if they’re stupid enough to point it at someone.

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