Long story short, the crowd of folks I hung out with drastically changed nearly 10 years ago for various reason I don’t plan on getting in to here. Sure, I still stay in contact with a few of the people I knew but for the most part they’re background.

Anyhow, this one guy decided that I made a good target for ridicule. That’s right, little old me, ranting and raving and occasionally bitching about my personal life – was worthy of ridicule. Now I try not to over-think things, most times tending towards the Ockham’s razor way of thinking – that the most simple solution is usually the right one.

Now I don’t get many hits on this site anymore – back in the day I’d clear a cool 20K a month (long before I stated bouncing names and URL’s around). While I still get a respectable number of hits per month -this entire blog is mainly for me and a few dedicated individuals who still find some interest in what I have to say.

I figure, the guy went off on me (mind you, I hadn’t seen or spoken to him in years) so I’d not only mention his site – but link to it. Thus, I’d be sharing hits. Really kinda lame. I even attempted to ask him “What the hell?” But some folks just aren’t worth understanding… At this point I just chalk it up to penis envy.

All that said, at the time I set up a few security blocks on my site – one that would send his referrals to Zombo and one that wouldn’t let anyone from his ISP view the site. I had no way of tracking whether it was successful or not until now. As of right now I get a few hits a week of the guy trying to view the page.

Can’t say I really care – but it’s worth a laugh.

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