Nothing says Spring like a hike to …

Well, I’d say Pinwheel Vista – but apparently the sign has gone AWOL.

Decided to take my 2nd hike of the season today, up the AT to the vista near Heaven Hill farms. As always, the views were breathtaking and the hike was a good practice run for my upcoming hike at Bushkill Falls. Still, the trip wasn’t without a few annoyances – mainly litter and some tool that didn’t know how to say “Excuse me” and instead decided to stay on my ass until we had room to pull aside. I don’t get how people can just toss crap out like it’s nothing, how hard is it to take it back out?

Anyhow, I’ve got a few pictures below – even higher res if you see anything you like.


The next hike at Bushkill Falls should be even better. Anyone interested in a group trip to either?

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