To Poughkeepsie… and beyond!

Finally got a chance to see Ted Nugent at The Chance last night, he put on a great show – he definitely lives up to the hype. For the past couple years the only time I’ve seen or heard the guy is on a classic rock station, That 70’s Show, and various political commentaries. I love the guy, and it was well worth the wait. Anyone who hasn’t had the chance, catch him before he retires or shoots himself in the foot. 🙂

His opening act was Alex Winston, an up and coming pop/rock act with outstanding vocals and a tight band backing her. In short, Winston’s performance was the highlight of the evening and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for future gigs and releases. Honestly I didn’t know how to take it, I see this pretty young thing come out on the stage with a gaggle of geeky college students backing her – and they pump out some of the best original hard rock I’ve heard in years. Surprises like that I’ll take any day.

So we’re leaving the venue and I haven’t been there in like 4 years so I go with my first choice… end up nowhere near where I needed to be – aka – wrong side of town. So I turn around, head back, and try option B. I’m heading in the right direction now, but I’ve got some guy to my right in a Saturn SUV playing street racer. Worse yet, the guy has a Tony Stewart #20 on his truck, and a NIN sticker on the bumper. NIN sticker? Driving like a putz? Not a Ford? Odd… 🙂

So I get past the guy on a curve, and then this little douchebag in an old Civic hatchback just fires out of a side-street and I’m forced to cut left into oncoming (road was clear). I get past him, the Saturn passes him, and as this idiot is in the rapidly ending right lane he lays on his horn as I feed him into a guard-rail. Now he didn’t hit anything, he backed off, but this is where things got interesting – the Saturn stays back and holds up the Civic. I see the Civic flashing its lights and tailgating the truck, so I let out a chuckle and head on out. I get down to about Middlehope and the Saturn comes flying up next to me, pulls in front, then turns up his road. Tell ya, if it was a Taurus SHO I’d have thought it was my old buddy Mermaid.

So I’m coming off of 17 into Goshen, in the left lane, waiting for the arrow to turn green. Coming up the right lane is a Jeep Liberty with no intention of slowing down. The arrow turns green, his lane is red, and sure enough he tries to get past me. I lay on the gas and take off – no contest. I shut down early cos I know Goshen PD likes to hang out at the substation just past the straightaway, and the guy repeatedly tries to keep up as we head down into Pine Island. It’s a friggin Liberty, don’t keep trying to corner like a damned Volkswagen!

So by the time the Liberty finally tucks his testicles back into his jock and backs off, I’m behind a diesel Ram who is taking his time. Straightaway opens up, passing zone, I leisurely drop into 4th and start to pass. He gets on the gas. I drop to 2nd, 3rd, gooooooooooooooooooodbye. I’m happy I made it into my driveway without running into ANOTHER idiot.

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  1. Caroline says:

    are you sure the douche in the Liberty wasnt me? Cause that sure sounds like me… lol

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