Well scratch that…

I’m not really satisfied with Debian. While it is very clean, it is too damned clean. Yea, it might not be the most ‘geek’ thing to do, but I want to set something up and have it work off the bat – with minimal involvement from the user (me). I’ll be giving Slackware another try, as well as the new Fedora Core 7. They’re both not as clinical as Debian but chances are I’ll have a better chance to hit the ground running with those instead of dealing with gobs of tiny details in Debian.

BTW – Blade 3 Trinity SUCKS. The only redeeming aspect is that brunette from the new Adam Sandler movie, beyond that, any movie that relies on Parker Posie to carry the plot and isn’t made for TV or straight to DVD is guaranteed to blow harder than fat man at a free buffet.

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