Put a fork in it, it’s done.

I’m talking, of course, about the entire Comic to Motion Picture movement that began oh so many years ago with X-Men.

I’m sorry, but there’s a reason its called a COMIC BOOK and not a PICTURE BOOK.

News out of Comic Con is that Ed Norton has written a new script for ‘The Incredible Hulk’ which is out next year.

Now I liked Hulk, right up to the idiotic ending. I liked Dare Devil. I liked plenty of the recent comic book character based films.

That said, the wave has crested and crashed on the beach, and Hollywood needs a jump-start… Where’s this generation’s Terminator? A new franchise, created from scratch by the mind of the writer. There are plenty of fresh ideas out there that do not involve comic books or endless remakes.

Superman Returns? IT STUNK. The acting could have been surpassed easily by a quadriplegic – wait, it was, in a series called Smallville. The last 2 Spiderman films? They had me wishing that Tobey McGuire had been hit by a train after the first was released to theaters. Terminator 3 (comic series created as a result of the movies) – if the entire movie was as good as the ending, it wouldn’t have STUNK so bad. I can go on and on in regard to the string of Hollywood stinkers, but the simple truth is that the remake is dead, and the comic movie is dead. Like any other franchise that reaps profit, they jumped on it, squeezed until it was dry, and then continued to dump out plot-less crap like the latest Fantastic Four movie (Galactus a cloud? Lets send in Kirby!).

Good actors are wasting their time trying to make half-assed CG plots marketable when it should be the WRITERS and DIRECTORS who provide a story good enough so that all the actors have to do… is act.

Frankly, I’d rather see another Live Earth concert than another comic book based feature film.

After seeing the last 2 Spiderman films, the last Terminator film (where a successful comic book line started as a result of the movies), Superman Returns, and most recently the last Fantastic 4 film where the mighty Galactus was turned into Kirby the cloud… I’m sorry folks, it’s done. Just stop… please… stop.

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