Still a few odds and ends…

Well last night I sat down for about an hour and a half and got this site working on Linux. I’d been toying with the idea for some time, and after my first few dealings with Debian went south, I figured I would install Fedora Core 7 as it’s what we use at my office.

Well, I had been spoiled by Debian I suppose, as when I popped in the DVD containing the Fedora install, and attempted a very BASIC install, I was astonished at how much shit I purposefully de-selected ended up being installed anyhow. I ended up just rebooting the box and doing up Debian one last time.

I’ve still got some work to do, like getting the mail server up and running. Besides that, everything appears to be running fairly smooth for the most part. It should be interesting upgrading things on Linux after having done it on Windows for so long.

At least this gives my Windows PC a rest. For about the past 5 years I’ve been running this blog and its two sister sites ( and off my WindowsXP Desktop using Apache, it worked very well – but it took a lot MORE hardware to get things done there than it does here.

Previously, this was a Windows XP system with 2gb of PC3200 RAM, 500gb of storage, and an AMD AthlonXP 3200+ CPU.

Now – it is a Debian powered Gateway 2000 Pentium III 800mhz system with 512mb of PC133 RAM and 80gb of storage. The hardware pales in comparison but the O/S and software is blazing fast on this machine… that and it only uses 70w of power where my other system used around 300w.

Mind you – I could care less about the environment, I’m just trying to keep my electric bill low and learn something to boot.


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