The futility of speed limits.

I’m fairly certain, that the first time I do 55mph on Pulaski Hwy I will be pulled over. Just call it Murphy’s Traffic Law.

That said, I’m a little more than irate at the complete lack of Police presence on this road.

Today I was passed by 2 cars. First, a tan Toyota RAV4 NY license plate DHV3465. This guy kept going, stupid fast. He passed me over the double yellow at 7:49am before we even reached the first passing zone. He must have cleared the 35mph zone in Goshen doing at least 70. How do I know? I TRIED TO KEEP UP! Even I’m not crazy enough to speed in certain areas.

Then I got passed by a maroon in a maroon Toyota Echo, NJ license plate LTB10V. This woman did the usual thing, WHAT I WANT TO DO, 60mph. She just sped up to 55-60mph and stayed there. She’s no real threat to society, but if there was actually something resembling enforcement on this road she SHOULD have gotten a ticket for 60 in a 45.

Lastly, I ran into a county government vehicle – the biggest hypocrites of all. These people drive vehicles with ‘official’ plates on them and think it cuts them some sort of slack or provides some special privilege. NY OFFICIAL tag L63549, vehicle #134. They ran right through the stop sign before the sporting goods place on Pulaski and kept going. That’s right, MY TAXES pay for people to speed, and those speeds to not be enforced.


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