Not handicapped enough…

I can’t help but mull over the irony of being tailgated to work today by a driver with a handicapped placard.

Leaving PI, she passed one car in her bright red Impala, and then caught up to me.  I was doing 50mph, and there was moderate oncoming traffic, so this poor disabled individual couldn’t pass.  She tailgated me all the way into Goshen, only backing off when a Goshen police car passed us.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are plenty of people who NEED those placards in order to get the best parking spot.  However – I also believe that anyone who gets a traffic violation not related to their handicap should have the placard revoked.

Sorry folks, but if you’re well enough to speed and tailgate – you can park in the back of the lot like the rest of us.

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