Not sure if this is legit…

But the fact it is actually believable is a crying shame…

Metallica Sues Red Octane/Activision & Harmonix for Copyright Infringement

Apparently Activision licensed the song One by Metallica for use in its upcoming Guitar Hero III release.

Now they’re being sued for it.  Again, I can’t verify this, it’s not on an actual news site… but I think this is a wise move for Metallica if it is true.  Simply put, One is a great song.  If the yutes of America discovered that Metallica was actually once capable of making great music – it might wedge a spanner in the continuing downward spiral that has ensued ever since Hetfield stopped drinking.

Frankly, I don’t believe Metallica is able to release a groundbreaking Metal record like the old days.  The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, they keep true to the music that made them…  Metallica has abandoned it, and their fans for nearly 2 decades now.

St.Anger might as well have been a plane crash in Mississippi, cos nothing short of divine intervention will get them back on top.

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