ZEN and the art of TOFU

Back on August 8th I predicted that I would only see a cop on Pulaski Hwy if I was speeding. For what it’s worth, today I was driving into work today, no desire to be righteous today, and I just kept up with traffic. Sure enough as we approached the S curve, I saw the first cop on this road that I have seen during any commute since the new limit went into effect.

I quit the gym. Yea, you heard me. Mr loves to get ripped and drop plates to the point of exhaustion no longer has an active gym membership. I guess I just got tired of nothing working the way I wanted it to. I could get strong, and I could get fast, but I’m still a chubby bastard that likes to eat. After taking recommendation upon recommendation on how to shed some of this 250lb frame I decided to take a step back. Pal-o-mine has been a proponent of the ancient art of WALKING for quite some time now, and it appears to have worked pretty damned well. Frankly, I think the SOB needs to eat a sandwich. 🙂 That said, I’m not expecting miracles, but i am hoping that a few months of caveman kilometers will shed some of my 27 year old baby fat. I don’t mind being heavy, but this mid-section has got to go.

A month or two back I got a trial copy of The Burning Crusade, an expansion pack for World of Warcraft. Last night after beating my head into the coffee table for the 20th time trying to figure out the latest Tomb Raider title I finally sat down and reinstalled it all. After updating for nearly an hour I was back online and running around WoW. I figure I’ll give it the next 10 days to see if my off-season addiction still holds its weight. I still hate RPG’s, figure that out… maybe it’s just the people I can’t stand.

Lastly, to end this rambling post I share with you my foolproof method for making wicked good TOFU. That’s right, TOFU. I’d tried a couple times in the past to cook up tofu and ended up with nothing spectacular. Recently I’ve been going to the Tuscan Cafe in Warwick to study for my upcoming MCSE 2003 exams. They make outstanding tofu, it has the consistency of chicken and the flavoring is perfect. I asked the chef behind the counter how she did it – and I’ll be damned if it didn’t work perfect… I picked up extra firm organic tofu, froze it, thawed it, sliced it up and threw it on a HOT griddle. I let it cook for a good 12 minutes, cooking off all the water and browning it. Once it had gotten to the right consistency and lost a majority of its moisture, I doused it in Jack Daniels barbecue sauce. Lastly, I threw together my typical stir-fry, added the tofu, tossed it on some basmati rice and YUM.

Anyhow, time to play WoW.

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