How much is 84 million dollars worth?

Australian Teen Cracks Government Internet Filter

Now the fact a 16 year old cracked it isn’t the best part – the fact that Australian taxpayers footed an $84,000,000 (that’s 84 MILLION) bill to pay for something that a 16 year old could crack.  The purpose of the filter was to provide parents with a “free” option to protect their yutes from the evils of the Internet.

My advice to parents when it comes to protecting their children from the Internet?  It’s called eyes.  Install the computer in the living room or den where parents will almost always be present, control the login times, and if necessary install a 3rd party filter.  When I was 14 and got the Internet (over 10 years ago) one of the first things I did was look up boobs.  Why?  I was in a room far away from the living room and my parents.  Who knows what I could have gotten into if I was only starting up today in the same situation.

The fact that the Government duped the people for $84 million is no surprise, after all my government is in debt to the tune of 8 trillion dollars and they still need more money from evil rich people like me to pay for their bullshit programs.  It’s the responsibility of the Government to protect the people from bullets, not breasts.  Get a clue people.

That’s right, I’m talking politics again.  Universal Disdain wasn’t getting much traffic so I’m uniting the content here, and redirecting that domain here as well.

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