What dreams may come…

Had some crazy dreams so far this week.

On Monday, I had a dream that I’d either joined or been drafted to the military, and was going through boot camp.  Everything was vivid, from the drill sergeants to the other recruits, going through boot in a city/urban environment – not the usual military base setup one would see in the movies.

This morning, I had a couple of dreams stacked together, the one that stands out involves Sylvester Stallone in the role of a mad scientist/artist who would tag innocents with a tracking device so if they tried to escape, they’d be chased down by World of Warcraft characters and detonated.  I ended up in his facility which was a maroon house on a hill, almost looked like a gas station from the outside.  I’m walking around looking at all the cut up people (pretty grotesque shit) and as I realize that they’re all still alive I black out.  I wake up on his carving table, and the sedatives wear off while his back is turned – so I trigger the ‘escapee’ tracking device in my arm, stab the crap out of him, then run off as the building is stormed by spiders, ravagers, and other creatures from the World of Warcraft – blowing the building to pieces.

No more Coke Zero before bed I think.

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