The key to surviving traffic is to have a well-timed impact.

So what’s been up lately?

Well, the dealership had my car for two weeks in order to fix the dashboard due to a mouse chewing some wires.

I had the car back for a day, less than a day, and some jackass keyed it.

I had the car back for a week, and an 83 year old man rammed me from behind.

I’m sitting there, minding my own business, waiting for oncoming traffic to clear so I could pull into my office and enjoy some fresh sushi…  Then I see it in my rearview, a sky blue 1993 Ford Crown Victoria speeding towards me in an attempt to overtake a pair of tractor trailers.  He sees me too late, I see the nose of his car dive as he slams on the brakes…  I look up, see traffic still oncoming, look to my right mirror and see the two tractor trailers passing – I go limp, close my eyes…  BOOM.

Seemed like an eternity really, waiting for the crash.  Then it happened, I lurched forward, and pulled into my parking lot as the traffic finally cleared.  The guy who hit me?  The 83 year old man who tried to race a pair of tractor trailers?  Tried to drive off.  I think when I ran across the road and nearly reached through the window changed his mind.

The police had my back, and it was clearly the other guy’s fault.  He even tried to say “I never saw your lights.” Sure.  You didn’t even see the 3000lb Volkswagen stopped, so I doubt my blinker or brake lights (both of which were ON) would have made a difference.   I got a lift to the local hospital a little after – my back was killing me.  A day off from work, and I was back in business… driving another Chevy.

$1200 and 3 weeks later, I have the car back.  Not fun.  I rented a Chevy Trailblazer (very uncomfortable seats) a Nissan Sentra (too damned small), and finally a Ford Escape (after 3 days could no longer start without cranking for 5 minutes).   Progressive handled the claim as well as they could, my rep was more than a little lazy – I had to call in the claim to the other company (Progressive made a claim to the wrong company, and never followed up), it took the guy 2 and a half days to inspect my car and generate a quote – it then took the guy nearly a WEEK to return calls from the body shop and I.  Gran Prix handled it well, fixed the car up like new and also repaired the key scratch in the passenger door.

Still have to wait for the deductible to be reimbursed, but I’m glad to be driving my lil woosh again.  That, and I hate old people.

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