Ground breaking futuristic racer that runs best on a Pentium 200MMX?  No, sorry.

Alt-rock band tagged as Religious metal for being positive?  Eh… no.

Cute little overpriced music player that you simply MUST have?  Nah.

Loud, inefficient, amperage sucking coffee maker that is good in concept but never quite gets it right?  You guessed it!

Now the Pod Coffee Maker in concept seems like a good idea.  The technology isn’t really anything new.  Add water, hit a button, and the water is rapidly heated to the point of steam.  A few moments later, it is blasted through a pre-measured filter packet or “pod” and into your cup.  I’ve used a few of these and one thing is abundantly clear – none of them work!  Most offer the ability to provide you with a measured cup of coffee in either 6, 8, or 12 ounces.  In every case, I usually end up with maybe half of the coffee I wanted.

Now I can’t just hit the button again – NO!  I have to wait for the pod maker to be ready… and then run through its cycle.

I’ve timed it folks, I can make a full cup of coffee with my trusty dusty Mr Coffee in less time than it takes the high-tech pod maker to do the same job… I think I’ll stick to Mr Coffee.

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