Al Gore Go Home.

That’s what the Phillipines should’ve said to the Australian company who plans on dumping mass quantities of urea (aka the stuff that makes piss… piss) into the Sulu sea in order to combat high levels of CO2.

Environmentalists have raised an alarm due to the belief that effecting the environment based on possible junk science could have a negative impact on… the environment.

So the hysteria of global warming has now gone global, and surprise surprise when actual solutions are proposed to a fictional problem – the environmentalists are the first to cry ‘UNCLE!’  I’d say it irked me, but this sort of thing tickles me.  The things that irk me are when the cast of Heroes get together to plant trees to save the planet.  While planting trees will lessen the amount of CO2 on the planet – the idea that CO2 concentrations have anything to do with climate change have been proved wrong time and time again.

So plant a tree, make some air, and if you really want to be a rebel – piss in the Ocean.  It’ll do more to affect climate change than anything Al Gore has said or done in the past 20 years.

 Absorbing CO2 by Dumping Urea Into Ocean Pisses Off Activists

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