K, for those of you with kids, send them to the other room, as I’m about to get graphically annoyed.

Back when I was ‘coming of age’ so to speak, one of my favorite women was Jenna Jameson. A porn star who would become THE porn star. She was hot. Even before she got the boob job, she was hot. Every single aspect of the women was just short of perfection.

So I’m going through a few sites and find a bit that covers the top 7 celebrities that went from hot to frightening. That’s when I saw it. Jenna, and then… OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK I’LL NEVER GET AN ERECTION AGAIN.

Here’s a link: The 7 Most Terrifying Celebrity Transformations

I don’t get it!  I seriously do not get why people have to butcher their bodies to achieve some ‘look.’  Maybe I’m blessed here, I got over my image problems when I started getting laid… I’d figure a woman who has started in hundreds of films and has throngs of fans would be happy with how she looked.

Before, she was Jenna Jameson.  Now she’s ‘fill in the blank’ former starlet.  I swear, any woman who thinks of getting a collagen treatment should be shown photographs of Jenna Jameson and Lara Flynn Boyle.  They went from women that guys think about while having sex to women that guys think about to avoid having sex.

Man… this stinks.

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