Global What?

So last night I headed out at around 10pm to get some groceries (yes, I’m an odd one) and as I headed out the door I nearly slipped and fell on my ass.  Snow!  In November!  Before Thanksgiving!  Even if we have a real winter this time around, it will only shut the Global Warming shmucks until the first warm day – then none of the cold counts.

One of the things I always love about when it snows, are the jerks who refuse to clean their cars off.  They make a peep-hole through the snow in the glass and then hit the road.  I’ve always wanted to keep a sack of cement on my roof, so the next time some jackass in a Suburban drops 40lbs of wet snow on my car cos they’re too lazy to clean their truck… I can pass them and maybe cement their doors shut.

Another realization I made to day, the folks at the Chrysler corporation are a little bit confused with this whole retro thing.  First they cancel the Prowler, then they drop a panel truck on top of a Neon and give us the PT Cruiser… Then they tease us with a Charger concept that actually looks LIKE A CHARGER….and scrap it.  Finally, a ray of light, a piece of hope – the Challenger.  Still, there are a few folks at Chrysler who need to find a clue, rapidly.  They’ve redesigned the Caravan again, and it looks like a solid refresh of the 1992 model.  They’re boxy again.  Now I was never into their whole cloud phase of cars from the late 90s, and while I did like the old Caravans – give me a break.  I see these things and can picture nothing but the rusted pieces of crap roaming the 5 boroughs looking for a new dent.  The old minivans stood out – you could tell that they were a Chrysler.  Now they’re still a Chrysler, but they look like everything else – circa 15 years ago.

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