Where I draw the line with “Conservatism”

I listen to talk radio quite a bit, Wilkow, Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin, etc… They always provide valuable information and to an extent – entertainment.  That said, I don’t know any greater soap-box climber than Hannity.  Some times it is tolerable, other times I find myself shouting at the radio.

Yesterday he had some “ew porno” type on the show and a “hello, reality” type person on the phone.  They were discussing the impact of “pornographic” imagery on the current generation.  The guest recounted a protest where 30 young people got together and one by one entered a Victoria’s Secret store in a mall and asked the manager to take the risque posters down.

Yes, that’s right – Victoria’s Secret – not lapse parenting, is the reason that kids are sexually active at ages that haven’t been seen in the state of Kentucky since 2006.

This demagogue went on further to decry Seventeen magazine, a periodical for girls where teen girls ask questions that they would not otherwise ask their parents.  The jackass wanted a warning on the front of the magazine identifying it as pornography!  Now whether it be embarrasing stories, advice on tackling the sexual question, or just general icky girl talk – it’s been in that magazine and to anyone with a brain it is a valuable resource.

No where in this meandering, arrogant, soap-box interview were the parents ever mentioned!  That’s right, society caused the sexual problem, so society can fix it.  My friends, we’ve got a better chance to affect global climate.

Why are teenage girls writing Seventeen and not asking mom?  Maybe Mom isn’t there.  Maybe Mom is too busy working.  Maybe Mom is a dishrag.  Who knows.  Are teen guys getting sexual thoughts in their mind because of Victorias Secret?  Should 8 year olds be seeing the risque window displays and posters?  How come nobody is going after Sears or K-Mart for their underwear ads if this is such a problem?

It’s not the problem – parents are.  They’re willing to tell their kids that Santa Claus doesn’t exist but not to keep their thighs together or keep their little cobra commander in their pants.  The fact is that Seventeen magazine would be out of business, and the slutty displays that are up even at the seasonal Christmas store – wouldn’t make a difference if the guiding hand and wisdom of a PARENT were there in the first place.

So I guess my problem isn’t really with Conservatism – it’s with the religious zealots that hijack it in the name of so called ‘morality.’  Blaming society for the end result of lapse parenting and the inability of modern parents to tackle the icky subject of PUBERTY in time to keep little Johnny or Suzie from coming home with some real bad news.

You want more morality in society?  Teach it to your kids yourself, you arrogant assholes.

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