Rearview Karma is BRILLIANT!

Here in NY we’re getting assaulted by a pretty good Winter storm.  I didn’t even know one was due until I had already driven to work and the skies opened up.  Generally I will stay at the office if the weather is supposed to clear by the time I leave for the day.  Alas, this storm is supposed to continue into the evening leaving anywhere from 6-10 inches of snow.


Anyhow, I decided to leave and work from home so I could avoid driving home through this in the dark.  As usual, I got to see some idiocy up close and personal.  Leaving Goshen, I get this lowered Integra / Prelude behind me.  The roads have a decent layer of snow, and its snowing pretty heavy, so I’m a good 3-4 carlengths behind the pickup truck ahead of me.  We’re all doing 35-40mph and this jerk keeps riding up my ass.

I don’t pay much attention to it, hoping that he doesn’t screw up and hit me… I hit the turn signal to get onto my road and so does the jerk behind me.  I curse to myself as I don’t want this moron behind me the entire ride home.  As I approach, I slow down to 5-10mph and gently take the turn, continuing on my way.  Fully expecting the shmuck to be behind me, I instead see him sliding straight towards the guard-rail.  Moron took the turn too fast.  You’re driving on frozen water, dumbass.

I check my rear-view a minute later and see a minivan in front of the Prelude now who hopefully TOOK IT SLOW the rest of the drive home.


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