A Scanner Darkly Bores You To Death

What the heck?

So I see these previews – a lot.  Side effect of Netflix, is that I’ll see the same previews over and over again if I watch movies from a similar timeframe.  “A Scanner Darkly” was one of them.  Didn’t notice the plot.  Didn’t notice the acting.  I just noticed some actors I like and some very trippy animation.

That’s exactly what I got.

A bunch of actors I like, sucking.  I should have gotten the hint when I saw that George Clooney produced it.  Perhaps he was drinking a little too much Great American Lager when he signed that check, or he was still in a daze from ruining Batman and conning people into watching Ocean’s Twelve.

The acting, like I said – is horrible.  Of course, I can’t blame good actors for sucking when the actual plot is just plain non-existent.  Ok… I get it, the Government is all powerful, fighting a drug war, watching everyone and everything.

I think I can save you the trouble of renting/buying/watching this movie.  Hold your breath until you see stars, when the stars come, just chant in your head “Bush is Evil.”  When you black out wondering what just happened, and then continue on with your day as if nothing has – congratulations, you’ve just watched “A Scanner Darkly” and have been Karmically bitch slapped for wasting your time in such a pointless manner.

Seriously – I’m sure the effects would be great if there was a plot – oh, and Robert Downy Jr needs to avoid imitating Eugene Levy EVER AGAIN.  Seriously.  If you ever get an offer for a similar movie, strap on some fake eyebrows and fire off some knuckle children into a tube sock.  Keanu?  What the hell were you thinking?  Stop acting deep.  Stop accepting “deep” roles.  This was Bill & Ted become under-cover cops, same acting, same plot, just no George Carlin to save us all by nuking the set.

I officially feel stupid for watching this film… let alone wasting a blog post on it.

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