Knight Rider ’08

We’re treading on hallowed ground here folks, I grew up on Knight Rider.

That said – they pulled it off.

A few notes though…

The panoramic CG… sucked.  It was bad.  Really bad.  Maybe it was due to watching it on HD – but how hard is it to simply have a Mustang speed down a highway and shoot it from a helicopter?  This was the equivalent of the model car used in certain jump sequences in the old series.  Still, the old series started out without the final version of KITT even complete, so – I’ll take it.

I like how they gave subtle nods to the old show without allowing it to dominate – that’s key here.  We want to tread a new path without relying on 25 year old file footage.  I’d hope for more cameos though – more Knight, maybe even some Bonnie Barstow or even William Daniels.  It can be done – just don’t overdo it.

Last but not least, the commercials.  Maybe I’m spoiled as most of the television I view nowadays is on DVD – but I’ve had it with the amount of advertising… it is borderline ludicrous.  The Focus / Mustang ads were cute, but I can’t help but feel dirty watching most modern television series live.

Val Kilmer pulled off KITT as well.  It’s a new twist on a classic concept – some of the quirky know-it-all is still there and frankly when Mike told him to ‘shut up’ I nearly fell out of my chair.

All in all I’m hopeful.  But NBC needs to throttle down the advertising just a tinge.  Nearly every vehicle in the show worth looking at was Ford, I don’t need 5 minute commercial brakes that equate to the same show minus the plot.  Seriously.

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