What the KOOK!?

Now I’ve always found Rolling Stone to be a fairly kookie magazine, on par with fine periodicals such as MAD and the National Inquirer.  Tonight I got my latest forced issue and the headline reads: “BRITNEY SPEARS: Inside an American Tragedy.”

Yes, this is the same magazine written by folks who think 9/11 was perpetrated by Dick Cheney as an explosives test before he personally took out the levee’s in New Orleans… calling Spears a National Tragedy.  I had no idea we were doing that well in Iraq.  I mean hell, FISA was renewed as all the major telecommunications providers were given amnesty for spying on their customers – and the big news story?  Roger Clemens lied to the NEW YORK TIMES.

I feel bad for Spears, I really do.  She’s always been a fine piece of tail and quite frankly I’d like to take her out for a good steak dinner some night.  That aside – an American Tragedy?  The real tragedy is that people actually buy this magazine, as well as advertise in it.

I really wish they’d lose the glossy paper as well, it’d save me the trouble of crinkling it up to use as toilet paper if it just had some more grip to begin with.

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