Now THAT is how an effing truck should DRIVE.

Took a run down to my cousin’s garage today to install new shocks in my truck.  Monroe Sensatrac’s all around to replace what was already there – blue shocks that I have no idea how old they were – but they were effing shot.  See, when you drive over a bumpy road, the shock absorber is what keeps the truck from bouncing.  The front shocks were completely ravaged, I could move them by hand.  The rear shocks were still functional, but I figured there’s no point in only fixing half the job.

While we were under the truck, I checked that the ball joints were OK and had already been replaced, and the tie rods appeared to be OK as well.  Still, there’s plenty of other cleanup I have to do underneath not just limited to cleaning up the copious amounts of rust.

After we got the shocks installed, I took it out for a ride and this 20 year old truck with near 170K on the odometer drives like a new vehicle.  Bumps were nothing, rough roads were nothing, the handling was top notch.  One problem we found – which I need to get fixed sooner rather than later, was what is apparently a leaking rear end seal.

I threw in a container of STP Engine Stop Leak for the time being to see if that seals it up better for now until we can get it back on the lift.  Right now, I can’t be anything but seriously impressed with how much better the truck rides.  I even took it on one of the back roads out here in PI to give them a good workout, and the truck took it like a champ.

That’s all for today, I’m fracking exhausted and I have a domain upgrade to do tomorrow.  Cheers!

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